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Thursday, January 4

9:30am GMT

Do STEM Teachers Praise Intelligence More than Arts Teachers? ... And other questions T02 Maths 104Kristy Turner 21st Century Physics T04 CTH CCLEAPSS • Samir Moezzi Archaeoschool for the Future REPEATED W04 Maths 106Xavier Juan • Association for Science Education Difficult Ideas in Chemistry REPEATED T162 Rendall LT5Keith Ross Preparing for GCSE Assessments in a Linear Qualification REPEATED T01 Maths ProudmanOCR • Sarah Milne • Ann Wolstenholme RAF 100 T03 Chadwick Barkla LTT R Bonella • Ellen Phillips The STEM Pit Stop Challenge W02 CTL 8Phil Gregory • Bob Pritchard • Alan Thompson • Dionne Thomas Flying the Flag for FE Science S23 Rendall LT3Paul Kessell-Holland Physics Students’ Graph Comprehension D01 Maths 103Itumeleng Phage Can Technology Help Students to Learn Science at Primary School? T17 Maths 105Ton Ellermeijer • Ewa Kedzierska Chemistry in the Primary Classroom W01 Guild of Students Mandela RoomMeg Post • Sarah Sisson • Martin Wesley • Sphere Science Energy & New Specifications REPEATED T13 Rendall S3Ellen Phillips • Charles Tracy Web-based Post-16 Learning Resources for Protein Structure & Function W32 CTL 6Dr Matthew Conroy • Peter Hoare Exploring Rock, Soil, Water & Fossils W03 CTL 5Chris King • Elizabeth Devon • Earth Science Teachers Association Year 7 & 8 Practical Experiment Showcase D16 CTL 7Timstar • Gratnells • Association for Science Education • Philip Harris Education • SLS Select Education • Data Harvest Group • Instrument Direct Services A-level Biology Practicals W13 CTL 1Adrian Greenall • STEM Learning Technicians' Drop-in D17 Guild of Students GilmourElise Reece • Marcin Poblocki • AQA

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12:00pm GMT

BERG: Can a robot hear? T25 Rendall S10Professor Berry Billingsley • Mehdi Nassaji Busking Science REPEATED W16 Rendall S8David Price Frontier Science: Juvenile-onset Lupus Nephritis and the Role of Human Glomerular Endothelial Cells T28 CTH DUniversity of Liverpool • Paraskevi Dimou The Science of Learning T26 Rendall LT2Lia Commissar • Wellcome Trust Application of Science Capital in the Classroom W18 Rendall S11Sarah Heathwood • Mark Langley • Jessie Mytum-Smithson • STEM Learning CLEAPSS Practical Hub Workshop REPEATED W19 CTL 3CLEAPSS • Steve Jones Good Practical Science: making it work in secondary schools S03 CTH BAlex Abela • Lauren Golding • Professor Sir John Holman • Kees Hooyman • Niki Kaiser • Taina Makkinen • Ginny Page Using Dry Ice for Science Demonstrations REPEATED W77 Rendall LT3Chillistick Using Inquiry Science to Build Language for Students whose First Language is not English T164 Rendall S3Dr David Crowther • NSTA (National Science Teaching Assocation in America) Waterloo Bridge Sculpture Competition T27 Rendall LT1 The Science of Music: Hands-on workshop W76 Exhibition Marquee The Pearson Teaching, Learning and Assessment HubHelen Steer Wireless Datalogging in Action REPEATED W15 CTL 1Barry Hawkins • Data Harvest Group Attitudes Up: CCI success! T29 Maths ForsythJoy Parvin • Maria Turkenburg Bringing Sustainability Issues to Life W41 Guild of Students LibraryAndrew Gray • Amy McDowall Introducing STEM into the Primary Classroom W158 Guild of Students McAusland RoomAndrew Tidswell • Discovery Education New Free Primary Science Materials and other resources from Spacelink W153 Maths 103Robert Coombes Questions: The heart of science REPEATED W14 Guild of Students Harold WilsonMatt Stanford Science Meets English REPEATED T23 Maths G03David Allen • Naomi Hiscock DNA fingerprinting using PCR and Gel Electrophoresis REPEATED W142 Rendall S6Rebecca Byrne • Lucienne McCallum • Timstar Johnny Ball book signing Exhibition MarqueeJohnny Ball Perimeter Institute's Physics Highlight Reel W82 Rendall LT4Nathan Chow • Miles Hudson • Damian Pope • Tonia Williams • Tonia Williams

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BERG: Are field ecologists barking up the wrong tree? T37 Rendall S10Steve Tilling Frontier Science: Drug Discovery in the Developing World; a Medicinal Chemistry Perspective T38 CTH CUniversity of Liverpool • Dr Gemma Nixon BESA meeting (invitation only) CTH 1 CANCELLED Space, the Universe and holidays on the Moon W147 Chadwick Chadwick LTJohn Baruch • ASE & Millgate House Book Sales Citizen Science: Sharing knowledge. Inspiring action. Valuing nature W29 Rendall S6Earthwatch Institute • Sarah Staunton-Lamb Earth Science Out of Doors W30 CTL 7Chris King • Elizabeth Devon • Earth Science Teachers Association 50 Shades of Science W28 CTL 8Janinne Delorenzo Biology Practicals that Work REPEATED D03 CTL 5Alex Jenkin • Dan Jenkins • Jamie Biggs CLEAPSS Practical Hub Workshop REPEATED W31 CTL 3CLEAPSS • Steve Jones Creating Engaging Demonstrations to Enhance Learning S38 CTH BHélio Vogas GCSE Physics Technician in Action REPEATED W73 Guild of Students GilmourElise Reece • Marcin Poblocki • AQA Getting the Best Out of SEND Learners in Science T39 CANCELLED TBA Hands-on Electricity Generation REPEATED W21 Rendall S4Michal Marcik • Taiki Watanabe • Narika Corporation Learn Science Using Cognitive Science T33 Maths ForsythStephen Wilks • Seneca Learning Oceans in the KS3-4 Science Curriculum W155 Rendall S11Kate Jones and Rosalyn Bilbrough Unconscious Bias and Its Effect in the Classroom T35 Chadwick Barkla LTEllen Phillips • Jessica Rowson Workshop on Pedagogical Content Knowledge on questioning T36 Rendall S9John Oversby • Jude Sanders Connect to Bring STEM Learning to Life! W23 Rendall S1Cerian Ayres AQA A-level Biology Essay T34 Maths G02Elise Reece • AQA Cards for A2/Y13 Organic Chemistry W22 Maths G03Hazel Shirley CREST Primary: From star to superstar W26 Guild of Students Harold WilsonJane Dowden Playing with Protons T40 Maths ProudmanTom Holloway Practical Fun Delivering the Curriculum W25 Guild of Students Mandela RoomMeg Post • Sarah Sisson • Martin Wesley • Sphere Science Comprehending Texts & Acquiring Language in Science W24 Rendall S3Naomi Hennah • Ben Rogers • Jakob Werdelin Make your Own Microfluidic Lab on a Chip! W27 CTL 2Jan Jaap Wietsma

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3:00pm GMT

BERG: What’s the point of protecting biodiversity? T45 Rendall S10Marcus Grace • Dr Carys Hughes Get your School to Go Green! REPEATED W75 Rendall S8Henry Greenwood Plugging Into the Sun REPEATED W138 Rendall S7David Garlovsky The true Wonder of Maths always lies Beyond just Numbers S40 CTH AJohnny Ball Biology Practicals that Work REPEATED D04 CTL 5Alex Jenkin • Dan Jenkins • Jamie Biggs CLEAPSS Practical Hub Workshop REPEATED W35 CTL 3CLEAPSS • Steve Jones Developing Diagnostic Questions S33 Rendall LT7Professor Robin Millar • Mary Whitehouse • Association for Science Education • University of York Science Education Group Light - capturing the fastest thing in the Universe! W146 Rendall S5ASE & Millgate House Book Sales • Justin Quinnell Study Like an Athlete: A how-to guide T44 Rendall LT5Murray Morrison Technicians' Professional Development S05 CTH DJan O'Connell • Liz Shaw RSciTech • Association for Science Education Preparing for the introduction of T-Levels: A local approach to implementation of technical education reform S06 Rendall LT8Jenifer Burden Attitudes to STEM & PRINCIPIA T106 Rendall LT6Judith Bennett • Maria Turkenburg • University of York Science Education Group Perimeter Institute's Expanding Universe W103 CTH 4Nathan Chow • Stuart Farmer • Damian Pope • Tonia Williams • Tonia Williams Biology A-level: Reflections on teaching & assessment REPEATED T43 Maths 105OCR • Richard Tateson Love Food Love Science T47 Rendall LT1Andrew Gardner Secondary Engineer in the Classroom D05 Rendall LT4Susan Scurlock • Steve Massey • Primary Engineer

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