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Friday, January 5

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Biology in the Real World: Photosynthesis for a Changing World T73 Rathbone Leslie HearnshawDr James Hartwell • L McClure • Jamie Biggs • Royal Society of Biology • University of Liverpool Professional Learning without Limits S12 CTH AAdrian Dougherty • Sarah Harrison Science Rocks II T72 Chadwick Rotbalt LTJames Rolfe CLEAPSS Practical Hub Workshop REPEATED W62 CTL 3CLEAPSS • Steve Jones Microscale Chemistry: “In a little you can see a lot” REPEATED T76 CTH CCLEAPSS • Bob Worley Quest for Speed REPEATED W95 CTL 2Timstar • Rebecca Byrne • Henning Schou Teach the Language. Improve the Learning REPEATED W63 Guild of Students Harold WilsonWilliam Hirst • William's Games Fieldwork and Beyond T75 Maths G02Elise Reece • AQA Voices of Chemistry W64 Maths 103Lynda Dunlop • Sally Horrocks CANCELLED Beyond the Bug Hunt: Learning through insects W52 Rendall S11Claire Seeley • Luke Tilley • Angela Buckland CANCELLED: PSTT Titanic Science: A working scientifically approach to the narrative W54 TBAKathy Schofield Child-led Enquiry: What does it look like in practice? W50 Rendall S11rufus cooper • Ali Eley CLEAPSS Primary Practical Workshop W53 Rendall S4CLEAPSS • Jason Harding Conceptual Understanding - Have they got it? W57 Rendall S10Bryony Turford • Collins Making Machines Simple W56 Rendall LT4Julie Collins Stories into Science in the Early Years W55 Rendall S1Kathryn Horan What should a Penguin Take on a Holiday to Spain? W51 Rendall S5Fiona Killick • Amy Strachan Observing with Robotic Telescopes W61 CTL 6Dr Chris Leigh • National Schools Observatory BYOD: Bring Your Own Device for a practical science lesson W58 Guild of Students Mandela RoomInstrument Direct Services • Dan Roberts The Dynamic Rock Cycle W60 CTL 1Chris King • Elizabeth Devon • Earth Science Teachers Association

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Frontier Science: Semiconductor Optoelectronics for Biological Sensing T114 CTH CUniversity of Liverpool • Ian Sandall Schools' Exhibition - Afternoon session S36 CTL FoyerAngela Buckland CANCELLED Simulations, Models and Animations for Big Ideas in Science T119 Maths 1st Floor PCDavid Tymm • Sunflower Learning If It Doesn't Work, It's Physics T115 CTL 8Geoff Auty • Angela Buckland Investigating Earth's Structure W93 CTL 1Chris King • Elizabeth Devon • Earth Science Teachers Association Resources to Support Early Career Teachers W89 Guild of Students McAusland RoomSarah Heathwood • Karen Hornby • STEM Learning Creativity and Science W96 Rendall S11David Allen • Claire Seeley • Angela Buckland Dialogic Teaching in Primary Science T120 Rendall LT3Jude Penny Getting the Best from Explorify REPEATED W91 Rendall S6Louise Stubberfield • Wellcome Trust Making it Stick : ideas to help children learn technical vocabulary W152 Rendall S7Eleanor Atkinson Science & Technology from TAPS Cymru W98 Rendall S5Ruth Coakley • Dr Sarah Earle Science or History? Try both! T96 Rendall S8Francesca Gale • Rebecca Gilmore Using Mathematics to Enhance Scientific Enquiry W90 Rendall LT4Dr Andy Markwick CSciTeach CChem FRSC FGS FInstP FColT FHEA AST • April Goode “I’ve changed my mind!” Supporting the development of children’s ideas W94 Rendall S10Ali Eley • Alex Sinclair DNA fingerprinting using PCR and Gel Electrophoresis REPEATED W59 CTL 2Rebecca Byrne • Lucienne McCallum • Timstar ASE TeachMeet S21 CTL 5Frances Evans • Angela Buckland Physics A-level: Reflections on teaching and assessment REPEATED T116 Maths 104OCR • Neil Wade Science & the World Around Us: Science and Global Learning W92 Rendall S3Pablo Guidi • Jason Ward Talking Science Debate: GCSE Options - An Illusion of Choice? S19 Guild of Students Stanley TheatreProfessor Louise Archer • Tracey Baxter • Tim Oates CBE • Olly Newton • Toby Osborne • David Read • Royal Society of Biology • Angela Buckland • Royal Society of Chemistry • Jo Cox • Wellcome Trust

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