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Narika Corporation

Booth DS11
Tokyo, Japan
NaRiKa Corporation is Japanese supplier of scientific educational materials mainly for primary and secondary schools. We have been in business for 100 years and you are all welcome in our booth.

Products on display will be from the following 4 fields:
1. Generating of Electricity
• Genecon (Due and V3) and its accessories (various bulbs, capacitors, electromagnets, propeller and others)
• Static Genecon and its accessories (Electric Pendulum, Aluminum Collecting Spheres and others)
2. Generating of Magnetic Field
• Magnetic Field Observation Box, Electromagnetic Force System and others
3. Mechanics
• “BeeSpi V” Velocity and Acceleration Measuring Apparatus
• Magnetic Leviation Track MF-B
• “I-Gauge OS-K” Collision Test Apparatus
• “G-Gauge ME-K” Gravity Acceleration Apparatus
4. Observation of Radiation Rays
• Cloud Chamber (Cold Plate Type) KK-01

Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/global.narika.jp

Come to see our workshops with these products in Muirhead building, room 122.