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Jakob Werdelin

Werdelin Education
Norwich, United Kingdom
Ms Naomi Hennah (@MrsHennah) and I are presenting our workshop on reading and oracy in science. If you want to effectively combine the acquisition and application of subject-specific vocabulary with enquiry and higher level thinking - not to mention the complex communication and collaboration skills needed by engineers in any contemporary workplace - Cooperative Learning is most likely your most realistic bet.

From a leadership/budget perspective, Cooperative Learning is the most cost-effective CPD investment available to schools today because it organises in a practical way how learners interact with materials and each other to achieve your various objectives, giving teachers a fuller control of the learning process.

Notwithstanding its instant & high impact, Cooperative Learning is simple to deploy in classrooms and give teachers and learners of all ages and levels a sense of freedom and empowerment.

No need to buy new materials: Just use your existing resources in more powerful ways, across all key stages and all subjects. Nor throw the baby out, nor the bathwater: Cooperative Learning invigorates any existing good practice and supports your current approaches.