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Lucy Wood

Brave Teaching Ltd
Manchester, UK
Lucy is an education consultant with extensive experience in schools, including several years in leadership and school improvement roles in addition to consistently excellent classroom teaching. Lucy has worked at the heart of government where she influenced education policy, managed stakeholder relationships around qualifications and ensured that the rationale for reforms made sense to educators across England. An experienced teacher trainer, she uses a person-centred approach to motivate teachers and galvanise teams to transform the quality of education they deliver.
Lucy specialises in analysing the development needs of schools in challenging circumstances, particularly those with a high proportion of students who speak English as an additional language. She has a proven track record of action planning and meeting the needs identified and has led several schools and school groups to employ best practice for students with English as an additional language (EAL). She is the author of the Association for Science Education’s literature around both EAL and Inclusion, which was based on her work in a predominantly Muslim school where she worked closely with parents, governors and local government to integrate the different cultures represented by the student body. Lucy is currently reading for her Masters in Teacher Education in Mathematics and Science at the University of Oxford.
Lucy has worked with a range of stakeholders in government and schools to understand different views and communicated the intelligence gained to Ofqual as presentations to the whole organisation and as formal reports. She led a Department for Education and Ofqual collaborative team to produce resources for schools that explained qualification reform and regularly prepared reports for ministers and the Chief Regulator. She led national focus group work using standard research protocols to eliminate bias and gain high quality information about the impact qualification had on teachers and schools.