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Malcolm White

St Andrews University
Professor of Biochemistry
St Andrews, Scotland
I trained in biochemistry, got my PhD at the University of Edinburgh and have worked in the UK and USA. I have held an academic position at the University of St Andrews since 2000, and have served as Director of Research and Head of School for the School of Biology. My research interests are focussed on the interactions between proteins and nucleic acids - specifically in the mechanisms all organisms use to repair DNA damage, and in the CRISPR system. CRISPR is a system that evolved in prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea) as a defence against virus infection. It was discovered about 10 years ago, and it rapidly became clear that we could harness the CRISPR system to engineer or edit genomes quickly and efficiently. These rapid advances open the door to many opportunities in agriculture, disease control and human health, but also raise important ethical concerns.