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Association for Studies in Hypothesi-Experiment Class (ASHEC)
Manager of the translation and publication committee
I have taught science at junior high schools in Japan for 30years. I also have worked as a secretariat of a translation and publication committee of ASHEC for these 10years.In our session we will introduce ‘Hypothesis-Experiment Class’(HEC).** In 1963 Kiyonobu Itakura proposed HEC based on his studies of science history and epistemology. It might be known as ‘Hypothesis Experiment Instruction’ (HEI) especially in the field of educational psychology. In this method, students inquire a scientific principle through a series of problems. Students predict the expected results of the experiments and discuss subjects where the naïve concept and the ultimate scientific law often conflict. HEC Classbook guides the students to correct their hypotheses as of the class advances. In the end, the students will enjoy analyzing a new problem correctly with confidence. Itakura and the member teachers of Association for study in HEC have developed many HEC Classbooks to teach various scientific concepts. Most students who learned science subjects through this method evaluated their classes as very enjoyable.I am also interested in fish anatomy, and I am studying dry fish as an introductory dissection teaching material. https://niboshinokaibou.com