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Naomi Hennah

Chemistry Education Research Group
The awardees of the inaugural Education Research Fellowship (ERF) scheme present their research:
Robert Campbell: Evaluate “flipped learning” approaches to GCSE practical work.
Joanna Haywood: Evaluation of the use of British Sign Language to support the learning of Chemistry.
Susan Jones: Identifying and disseminating best practice with regards to teaching Chemistry through the medium of Welsh and bilingually.
David Paterson: Evaluation of an “integrated diagram” format for practical work
Naomi Hennah: Using oracy to reduce cognitive load in the laboratory
Royal Society of Chemistry Chemistry Education Research Group and their sister group Educational Techniques group devised the Education Research Fellowship (ERF) scheme that seeks to support entry level or very early researchers who are teaching chemistry and who would like to undertake research into some aspect of chemistry education. The aim of the scheme is to mentor these early researchers, provide small grant support, and to produce findings which will be of interest (and use) to other educators.